Welcome to Tandgenoten!

We welcome you in our new and modern practice, established in 2016.

We are Tandgenoten

  • Hospitality
  • Personal attention
  • Painless treatment
  • Successful treatment with children
  • Modern techniques

  • Newest and low noise drills
  • Dedicated and well-trained staff
  • Practice easily reachable by phone or e-mail
  • Easy and free parking
  • Always a spot available for emergencies

Welcome to Tandgenoten!

We welcome you in our new and modern practice, established in 2016. There is an open, friendly and hospitable atmosphere in our practice. We see your visit at Tandgenoten as a moment we want to make as comfortable as possible for you. You will feel, as a patient at Tandgenoten, that you are fully prioritized. We take the time to explain how your treatments will proceed. We carry out the follow-up appointment with dedication. Luckily, a dental treatment is not a daily occurrence for most patients. That is why we guide you during this process. From the start of the first treatment to any aftercare.

To make you stay in our practice as comfortable as possible, we created a waiting room that exudes warmth. You can read a magazine in peace while you wait for your appointment. For the little ones there is a digital touchscreen with a variation of games to play. Not only will it keep them entertained, it is also educational. It will appeal to their spatial awareness and reaction time. We have had to pull some grown-ups from the screen as well :).

The Tandgenoten practice is centrally located in Houten and easily accessible by car (with free parking), as well as public transit. Shopping Centre Het Rond, with the train station located inside, is 300 meters away. The bus stop is only 100 meters from the practice.

Check-up and treatment

The state of your teeth is of importance to your general health. The influence a bad state of the teeth has on the general wellbeing is frequently underestimated. By getting check-ups regularly and treatments (if necessary) we can keep your teeth in great condition together. We will help you with this by, for example, providing you with tips on how to best take care of your teeth. After the primary teeth get replaced with permanent ones, we only get one chance to keep our them as good as we can. Our staff, consisting of dentists and dental hygienists, will support you to get the best results.

Modern equipment

At Tandgenoten we use high-quality and modern equipment. The ergonomic chairs make sure that you will feel comfortable sitting down. It could be that the situation in the mouth requires the usage of the drill. We have the newest version of low noise drills. In combination with our expertise, we can assure you of the most optimal treatment. We do not use the old-fashioned grey amalgam fillings. As long as they are stable in the mouth, we like to not disturb them. In some cases, they need to be replaced. For example, when they break or show wear and tear. To replace them we use a small rubber sheet. This is to prevent you from swallowing any small particles. After removing the old grey filling, we replace it with a brand-new white filling.

For the little ones

With devotion we treat (small) children and motivate them to take good care of their teeth. In the dental field today, we focus more on prevention than we did in the past. To involve children early on they learn about taking care of their teeth and gets them motivated. That motivates us to go through the same process with other children.

Professional approach

Our team of dentists, hygienists and assistants consists of dedicated, experienced staff who know how to make you feel most at ease and treat you professionally. We work with the best specialists in Houten and the area around Houten for orthodontics, the oral surgeon and implantology. We will guide you from start to finish while you go through this process.

Cancelling an appointment

In case you wish to cancel your appointment due to (unforeseen) circumstances, we ask you to do this at least two workdays in advance. This way we can approach another patient to treat them in the available timeslot. When you do not cancel your appointment in time, we are forced to fine you for the reserved time. These costs are not covered by your insurance. Cancellations by e-mail are not accepted, please contact us by phone.

Your data

As a patient you are responsible to make sure the practice has access to the right information regarding your name and address details, insurance data, contact information etc. When you move or change your dental insurance we would like to be informed in time, in particular to make sure the bill is handled correctly.

Privacy regulations and confidentiality

We work with medical data regarding our patients. Given the sensitive nature of this information, privacy is of utmost importance to us. In our privacy statement you read what personal information we work with and why. In this statement you can also find a section regarding your rights as a patient. If you have any questions of if you want to act on those right, please contact M. Boshart at


Do you feel like you are not fully satisfied with your treatment, in spite of our efforts? Please let us know and request a meeting with the dentist or hygienist. During this conversation we will undoubtedly come to answers for your questions. In case we unexpectedly do not reach a solution, you can call for advise at the Telefonisch Infomatie Punt (TIP). TIP was established by the professional organization KNMT. If that also does not lead to a solution, you can use the KNMT complaint regulation. They are associated with our practice. That gives you two options: mediation and formal complaint handling, resulting in verdict.

During your first visit at Tandgenoten, we ask you to fill in a medical questionnaire. After this we ask of you to inform us regularly about any changes in your current health situation and medicine usage. Usage of blood thinners, bisphosphonates and insulin are important to us in particular. This is due to their interaction with various dental treatments. Spoken languages: Dutch, English, Spanish and Greek.

Our team

Gives you a natural smile! We made it our mission to have every patient leave our practice after their treatment with a smile.


As dental practice we guide you with full dedication. In collaboration with you we want to achieve the most optimal health and retain this. We will always be honest and transparent with our advice. We work with modern techniques and equipment and according to the latest guidelines regarding infection prevention and hygiene.

  • The dentists are BIG-registered and affiliated with the KRT
  • The dentists are also affiliated with the KNMT
  • The dental hygienists are KRM-registered
  • Dental technician active in the practice
  • Very passionate and motivated assistants

Pricing and payment

The pricing for your dental visits is determined yearly by the Dutch Health Organization (NZA). The pricing is the same for every dental practice in the Netherlands. You can find the pricing for 2024 by clicking the button below.

Pricing 2024

We will provide you with an estimate for your upcoming treatment, you can also always ask for one. The estimate is based on the pricing for the current year. Dental technician costs can differ 15-20%. Treatments not beforehand expected are not included in the estimate. You will receive your invoice from Infomedics.

If you do not have a dental insurance, we ask you to pay at the desk right after your treatment. The same goes for international insurance or no Dutch insurance at all. We do not accept credit cards, please take your bank card with you.

Coverage by your insurance

When your insurance covers a part of your bill, you can find this information on the bill itself. The costs that remains has to be paid to Infomedics. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, you can call your insurance for more information.


In case of a dental emergency during the evening, night and/or weekend you can go to the St. Antonius hospital at Soestwetering 1 in Utrecht. This location is easily accessible by bike, public transit and car. There is a dentist available there outside of our opening hours in case of an emergency. Take a look at their website: https://tandartsspoedpraktijk.nl or call 0900-8602.


We gladly welcome you in our practice. You can register yourself by clicking the button below. We will contact you for the intake after we receive your form. Please take a valid identification card and your insurance card with you to your first appointment. If there is a positive agreement between both parties (practitioner and client), we will finalize your registration. We kindly ask you to request your files with the previous dentist.

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